Just a quick reminder that unfortunately Indoor Ultimate does not run on ulty-time. We have the gym booked for a specific time period so the later the game starts, the shorter your games will be. Please be on time. Your teammates and your opponents will thank you. As well, you should have received an email that I sent out (per team) in order to share your email addresses with your teammates. Use the addresses to let your team know if you can’t make a game.

Also, if you haven’t already paid, please do so as soon as possible. My credit card bill has arrived. Please come a bit early and look for me (the good Jeremy) at the scorekeeper’s table when you get to the court. Thank you.

Girls: We need them. Two girls have dropped out of the league due to various reasons. We need your help to find replacement girls for them as we have no more girls on our waitlist. Please pass the word on to your female friends to come try Indoor Ultimate out! They can register on our website directly.