In 2007, two ultimate-loving friends, Jeremy and Jeremy (yes, who both happened to have the same name), decided to avoid the typical cold and rainy Vancouver winter that year by playing ultimate frisbee inside a gym. Thus, Vancouver’s first-ever Indoor Ultimate league was born.

The Vancouver Indoor Ultimate (VIU) league is set up in a hat format, where teams will be randomly generated based on single or duo player registrations. In the interest of fairness, the league coordinators reserve the right to modify rosters slightly in order to balance out skill levels amongst the teams, even after the first week of play.

VIU has our own special set of league rules due to the limited space and fast-paced nature of the game. The league is played with 5 players aside, substitutions are on the fly, with stall counts to 7.

Players must wear shoes with non-marking soles. If at all possible, bring a pair of dedicated indoor shoes. If this is not possible, please clean your shoes thoroughly before entering the gym.

Each team will be composed of 12 players of varying skill levels.  Team mailing lists will be set up for inter-team communication.

The league will last for 12 weeks of regular season, followed by 3 weeks of playoffs. We will be playing Sundays afternoons at John Oliver Secondary school.

Check the Schedule page to find out when you play, once the Hat Teams are set!

Please contact us with any questions/feedback you may have.

Your VIU League Coordinators,

  • Ivy Sebastian, Joanna Ng and Jason Wang